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Shashikala Paranjpe (Voegeli-Paranjpe)
Librarian retd. Married 2 yes
I was an American Field exchange student from India at WW in 1963-64 along with Bernd Sonnbichler from Austria.

Would appreciate hearing about the reunion or seeing photos on the website.
Remember some of our teachers like Mr. Bryson (U.S. History) and Mrs. Johnson (English Literature). A truly special event was the Cancan performed by some of the male teachers.

Hobbies are painting, nature, travel.
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Dick Patton
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married yes
After graduation from Whitman, I attended Juniata College in Pennsylvania, and studied post grad in education at Western Michigan University.  I returned to Maryland in 1970 to begin my career with Montgomery County Public Schools in the field of special education.  Over the next 32 years I worked with students in all categories of educational disabilities in various schools, including the Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA) - a special school for severely emotionally disturbed students - in the 1980s.   For a time at RICA, Jim Jamieson's wife, Diana, was a colleague.  Later assignments included special ed department chair at Paint Branch HS, and at E. Brooke Lee MS, where we developed a system for mainstreaming our students into regular classes, and established a program for gifted/talented learning disabled students.  The final years at MCPS found me at the Central Office in the Division of Placement and Assessment Services where I assisted students with disabilities and their families in accessing special programs and special schools within MCPS and in private schools, if needed.  I coordinated with Social Services, Juvenile Justice, and attorneys.  Often I traveled out of state to monitor students MCPS had in private placements, and worked to have them return to MCPS and graduate with an MCPS diploma.

During the late 1990s, I became re-acquainted with Whitman classmate Sue Faber, who I took to our Senior Prom in 1964.  Sue and I were married in 2004!

In 2002, I retired from MCPS.

In 2007, Sue and I left Rockville and moved to Grass Valley, CA which is located in the Sierra foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

Trains and steam locomotives have long been a hobby of mine, and since retirement, I have been finding ways to run the full-sized ones that are left, including being a steam  locomotive engineer on the Polish National Railways.  I am now building a one-half mile long track on our property to run my two ride-on steam locomotives. 

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Charlotte Pennefeather (Durot)
Chief Information Security Officer - Kraft Foods Married 2 yes
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Marcia Perkins
Profile picture
Professor of Art, Emerita Married 1 yes
Thanks to those of you who have created this website and are planning the reunion.  I have spent enjoyable time reading  the 'schoolmate entries' with yearbook open, matching faces to stories.  My own story is one of various challenges after graduating from WWHS, but today I am healthy, energetic and retired living on Vancouver Island in a gracious home with a  studio and a south facing back yard.  I am a painter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother (3 granddaughters), a gardener, a walker, a dog lover (and owner) and a Canadian.  My husband of 15 years, a retired research chemist and former U of Calgary colleague,  considers our kitchen his new lab and has become a fine home chef.  Reading the obituaries of our colleagues is sobering.  For now our journies continue on this beautiful, troubled planet.  I feel very lucky.  I am sorry I will miss the reunion.   Thank you, committee, again.  I've enjoyed catching up and reminising.    Send Marcia a MessageSend Marcia a Message
Paul B. Phelps
Freelance writer -- retired Married
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Linda Poppleton (Locraft)
Attorney - retired Married 3 yes
It's fun reading about your personal activities of these last 50 years. It's hard to believe it has been fifty years! After graduating University of Maryland, I was first an elementery school teacher and later became an attorney. I married my high school sweetheart, Greg Locraft. We have 3 children, and 5 grandchildren. We are spending our retirerment years in Potomac, Florida, and Ocean City, Maryland. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Kathryn Post
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Profile picture
Retired Divorced yes
WOW. Where does one begin? But first things first, thanks to the organizers of this event for their time, energy, and dedication for all that they have done to bring us together again.

After high school, I attended the University of Maryland and followed up with getting my wings with United Airlines, a childhood dream. I was married for eleven years and have been single for the past 36 years. Not what I wanted but it is what it is. I know the Lord has a plan for me!

I lived in Tucson, AZ for many years putting my former husband through law school. Several years later I returned to Bethesda and started working on Capitol Hill. I loved it and found it to be exciting, but also exhausting. Of course, there were many, many challenges in dealing with people and personalities. I worked for Congressman John Porter from IL (retired), Senator Arlen Specter from PA (deceased) and Senator Frank Murkowski from AK (retired).

It was during my last position that I cared for my older brother (who was dying of cancer) and caring for my beloved mother (who was ill with Parkinson's Disease) that as a care giver, I became ill myself. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I was forced into a disability retirement and I have been retired for 21 years. The good news is that with much effort I have been able to regain my health.

I have been living in Summerville, SC (just outside of Charleston) for the past eleven years and enjoying the easy way of life and the small town that I live in. I am blessed.

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Ann Reed (Effer)
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retired Widowed 2 yes
Really, 51 years??? Who knew???
I still live in the Bethesda/Potomac area. I retired from meeting planning/association management in 2005. Short course: Whitman, marriage (#1), children (2, one of each), college, divorce, work, marriage (#2), Boston for 2 yrs, back to MD, divorce, work, marriage (#3), retirement. Traveled a good bit for work and pleasure, still lots of places on my bucket list. Currently keep busy on the golf course, volunteering, exercise – mostly walking the dog but also spinning, running and yoga. I have 4 grandchildren, 2 currently at U of Alabama (Roll Tide), one headed to U of Colorado, Boulder, one rising junior at Churchill. 
Looking forward to the reunion. Kudos to the organizers.
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George Reed
Retired 2 yes
Lived in California & Oregon most of my life. Retired three years ago and am now catching up on work on my small ranch here in Oregon. You could see me diging a three foot deep ditch in hard clay soil on Facebook under "George Calvert Reed". Have a housing rental business that still keeps me busy as well. The weather in Oregon is super for a place that still has 4 seasons. Very low humidity, mild winters with rain & some snow. Mt. Ashland ski area is only 1 hour away. The Ocean is only 2.5 hours away. The Mountains are only 1 hour away to the Pacific Crest Trail. There is a local restaurant named Heaven on Earth-figure Oregon is as close as it gets. When I was 28 I purchased a Jeep that I still have. Oregon has sand dunes both at the beach & in Central OR. Love Jeeping, dunes, backwoods trails, exploring ghost towns etc. Hope you all have a great Reunion. Yours in Christ Sincerely, George C. Reed
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John F. Reffit
retired teacher (38 yrs.) Married yes
For a few years, being on the track team.  Being called in the Field House and told that President Kennedy was assasinated.  Having Mr. Bish as my POD teacher!  Having Reggie Christian and Byron John Metzger as my best friends.  Finding Jesus Christ at a YFC rally in 1963.

My wife and I  plan to be at the reunion all three days.
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Marti Regan (Szczur)
Profile picture
Profile picture
retired Married 1 yes
After a 40-year career as a computer scientist/senior exec at NASA and NIH, my husband and I escaped the DC congestion and retired to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Our son lives in Seattle, WA. 

Currently, I spend time riding/playing with my horses, writing children’s books (, traveling, sculpting with wire and clay, some teaching and volunteering at assorted non-profits. For me, at this moment, the cliché “Life is good” is spot on. 
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Donald Reichel
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Driver trainer Married 1 yes
I regret that I will be unable to attend.  I am well and happy in our home south of Indy.  I am still training Spec/Ops and Gov. Security people.  Just won a legal case as an SME about driving.  I just published my first book about a dream I had years ago.  Its an erotic/SciFi book titled "Mona".  Its an uplifting mystery story about my encounter with an amazing beauty Send Donald a MessageSend Donald a Message
Richard (Rick) Rhode
Retired Married 3 yes
Married Judy Harrison in 1970.  We have three children (all married) and three grandchildren with the fourth on the way in July.  Retired as a financial planner in 2010.
Have been keeping busy long term subbing in the local high schools.  When Maryland changed its state motto to "If you can dream it, we can tax it", we decided it was time to move and have bought a house in a gated lake community in North Carolina.
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Kathryn Rider (Schmeltzer)
retired attorney Married 2 yes
After graduation from college, I received a law degree from UVA.   My husband and I lived in Thailand for a year while he was in the Army JAG Corps, and then I practiced law in DC for over 30 years.   Upon my retirement, we moved to a community just outside of Charlottesville where we have found many other refugees from the DC traffic.  We are now enjoying playing golf and traveling as well as visiting with our children and two grandchildren.  I have enjoyed seeing the interesting careers that other classmates have had.  It is such an impressive group!   Kathy Send Kathryn  a MessageSend Kathryn a Message
Susan Riecken
Profile picture
Artist Married 2 yes
I settled in Boston after college and did editorial illustration for the late beloved Gourmet and published nearly 25 editions of an engagement calendar.

I married in my early forties, acquiring one daughter in the bargain and adopting a second one. Along the way, my husband and I co-founded a string of tiny public libraries in Central America, through a family foundation we named for my parents.

I find tremendous pleasure in the quotidian, and in watching as my children come into their own.  I remember that we were going to change the world.  Perhaps in small and intensely personal ways, we have.
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Kenneth Ritzenberg
Profile picture
Attorney Married 2 yes
It is hard to believe that 51 years have gone by since our high school careers. After high school I spent the next 20 years getting through academia in Central NY, ten of which included teaching Sociology at a Community College and then going to law school.  Never quite getting over the politics of the 1960s, my law career has been primarily representing families with educationally disabled children.  My beautiful wife of 45 years and I live in Saratoga Springs and, until this unrelenting winter, have enjoyed a  wide variety of outdoor activities. We also travel at every opportunity. Our 40 year old developmentally disabled son is getting married this May and our other son is an English professor at Columbia University. Send Kenneth a MessageSend Kenneth a Message
Judith Roberts (Getrich)
Profile picture
ESL teacher (retired) Married 2 yes
Many thanks to our class website and reunion organizers!  Trying to sum up 50 years: I enjoyed an almost 25-year career teaching English as a Second Language to adult ed and community college students, first in MD (MCPS and Montgomery College) and then at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA, where we moved in 1999. Apart from work, I've always loved singing (including in WW's excellent chorus!), and I've continued to be part of one singing group or another, whether choir/classical or folk. In recent years I've become deeply involved in an old, now-reviving tradition, Sacred Harp (early American spiritual songs, 4-part a cappella, sung for enjoyment rather than performance). Family and friends are the real treasure in life; I've been very fortunate in mine (husband Rich, daughters Diana & Chrissy, grandchildren Bryan & Ariana, sister Jill...). On most days you can find me spending time online, emailing back and forth with far-flung friends. Wishing everyone good times and especially good health in 2015 and beyond! Send Judith a MessageSend Judith a Message
John Rodier
Profile picture
Married 1 yes
Married fifty years to Carol from Va. Lived 35 years in Melbourne, Fl. and moved to Charlotte 15 years ago. Retired Designer.  Spent most of time in Florida fishing offshore, love the Islands and Key West. (Spend some winters there)

Two teenage granddaughters (teens) in Clayton, NC. Had a great life so far...
Hike (day) in the Smokies, did a lot of photography. Retired 5 years. Do volunteer work and maintain my garden.

Will be in Ireland @ reunion time celebrating 50th. 

Some many of our classmates are gone.....will not forget..

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Helen Romberger (Powell)
Retired science educator Married yes
Thanks to all who have worked to organize the reunion and the website.  You have done a wonderful job!  Thanks, also, to the Class of '65 who have allowed us to join them for the celebrations and to use their web-site as a model.

Is is amazing all the wonderful adventures everyone has had since graduation.  
May there be many, many more adventures in the years to come for everyone.

As for my adventure, it started with college in central Florida with a degree in Biology.  Then returning to Montgomery County to teach middle and high school sciences at various county schools for 30 years.  Prior to teaching, there was a short stint working at the National Portrait Gallery and National Collection of Fine Arts, both part of the Smithsonian Institution.  During the time I was teaching, I met my husband and we continued to live in the DC Maryland suburbs for many years. We ended up buying and moving into my parents' house, a short distance from Whitman, after their passings in 2001 and 2002.

Retirement came in 2001 and moving into my parents' home in 2003.  We stayed there until 2007 when we decided we could make our long time dream of living in San Diego come true.  We have been in San Diego since, enjoying the weather, being a destination for long-time friends "from the colonies," enjoying sailing and the associated activities, seeing many new sights in our adopted state, and being close to extended family members.  Making jewelry has become a hobby in retirement.  I enjoy working with natural stones, pearls, crystals and wire to create something that someone might enjoy for years to come.

All in all, it has been a "great ride."  Enjoy the reunion celebrations, it will be a great time!
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Steven Rosenthal
Retired Widowed 2 yes
After graduating Whitman, I received a bachelors from Emerson College with an acting major. I lived in NYC from '68 to '86 pursuing my dream. The highlight was appearing with Ingrid Bergman in "Captain Brassbound's Conversion". I got married to Judith Bardi, an accomplished opera singer who gave me two wonderful children. I now have a new four month old granddaughter. My wife passed away at a young age and I raised the chilren by myself. I returned to DC in '86 to work for the family real estate business. It was sold several years ago and I took an early retirement. After living in Fairfax, Va. I moved back to downtown Bethesda. I enjoy the proximity to the Tripper Bus which takes me back often to my beloved NYC.
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