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Joanne La Vay
Program Manager Single yes
I have resided primarily in the New York and Washington, D.C. areas since graduating from the University of Maryland.  Spent most of my time either in China trade, in Healthcare, and/or as a government contractor.  Enjoy spending time with family, travelling, and playing golf - all of which I look forward to doing even more - once retired! Send Joanne a MessageSend Joanne a Message
Patricia Iris Lambert
Profile picture
Profile picture
Yoga Teacher Single 2 yes
After graduating Bard College and 3 years dancing and singing in 'Hair' on Broadway I met my first yoga teacher and moved to California.  I love my life here in this alternative/parallel culture.  After receiving an MA in ED I opened an alternative music based charter school and educated my children and others through middle school.  I'm a yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic Therapist.  I've been a choir director and vocal coach.  I'm currently teaching Yoga and Ayruveda, classes and retreats, at a semi retired pace. I haven't decided whether I will make it in May, but I do want to be here now.   Send Patricia Iris a MessageSend Patricia Iris a Message
Jon Lankford
Retired federal investigator yes
I will not be able to attend the reunion due to a conflict (my daughter's wedding), but I enjoyed reading about my fellow alums and was shocked at how many have passed.  I hope those that attend have a great time and my thanks to the dedicated folks who are putting this together.
Peggy LeBeau (Masley)
Retired RN Married 3 yes
Sorry I will miss the reunion. Hello to all my old friends and may you all have a wonderful time. I was very proud to be a part of this class. Send Peggy a MessageSend Peggy a Message
David Lee
Software exec Committed Relationship 1 yes
I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone after five decades. My thanks to the organizers. 
I am retired after running my software company (Vertical Marketing Inc) for 40 years. I also served in the US Army reserve graduating first in my OCS class, and as a university chancellor for a few years.  Along the way I got a couple of books published (Microsoft CRM for Dummies and technical editor of GoldMine for Dummies). 
I am working on a few projects but mostly enjoying retirement. Becky and I volunteer with Phoenix Landing, an organization which rescues parrots (let us know if you would like to add a beautiful parrot to your family). 
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Stephen Lemon
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Semi-retired physician Married 3 yes
Many thanks for the efforts of those who put this site together. I wish I could attend the events in May, but that seems unlikely.
Life events for all who graduated with the first class from Whitman would likely fill volumes. We were priveledged to live through fascinating times.
For myself, the story is relatively routine. After receiving my medical degree and spending more years than I care to remember in additional training, I settled in Santa Barbara where I maintained a gastroenterology practice. Three children, divorce, remarriage and eventual retirement all followed. For the past several years my wife and I have lived on our boat, traveling from Alaska to Maine. We are now ashore and looking forward to more time with grandchildren.
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Ellen Levin (Share)
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Librarian Married 2 yes

I received an MLS from the University of Maryland and have been very happy working for 30 years as a  librarian.  I have been married for over 40 years to a physicist .   I have 2 children, a set of twin grandchildren (a boy and a girl) and a whistling cockatiel.  I enjoy reading (popular hobby for librarians!), traveling, and vegan cooking.

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Kuan Li
Profile picture
Retired Married 2 yes
I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that this great country has given me that have allowed me to lived such a joyful life. I have been married for 44 years to a terrific woman and we have two very successful children and three beautiful grandkids. This could have only happened in the United States of America.
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Bill Liston
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Profile picture
retired USAF Married 4 yes
I am a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Management.  After graduation from WVU, I got married and joined the Air Force, where I flew jet fighters, was a military planner, and a liaison officer to the Army.  Most of my service, other than my Viet Nam war time, was spent in Europe. I ended my career with over 35 countries in my passport.  My final assignment was as liaison officer for the Army 10th Mountain Division in Ft Drum, NY. When I departed the Air Force, we decided to remain in New York to allow our 4 children to graduate from high school. After the Air Force, I worked as a financial advisor, an office manager, did some government contract work, and finally provided IT support to a medical billing company. My wife Sandy and I remain in Upstate New York where the land is mostly farm and forest, not city and congestion. When you watch the evening news, and they talk about the coldest place in the nation was Watertown, NY - think of us up in the great white north ...! Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Ray S. Little
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Profile picture
Owner/Operator of Horse Farm and Sales Married 2 yes
Having been involved in horses and horse business activites all of my life, my family and our horses have represented the United States all over the world in International Equestian Competitions both in Grand Prix Show Jumping as well as currently International Eventing.  My wonderful wife of 38 years and I have operated Raylyn Farms Inc. in Frederick, Md. since 1978 and now with our daughter we spend winters between the horse shows and events in Florida and elsewhere while living mostly just off the intercoastlal in Deerfield Beach, Fl , West Palm Beach, Fl and Ocala, Fl.  Summers we spend as much time as possible on the boats with the family and friends in the Bahamas diving and family fishing but also in Europe and the USA with the horses at competitions.  We have two daughters, one who is involved with the horse business and is one of the leading event riders in the USA with Top 10 World randings and the other who is currently living and working in South Forida who enjoys the outdoors and time on rivers with white water kyacks instead of horses.

Although I am not sure if "retirement" is ever in our future with all we have going on we are enjoying life but wouldn't mind slowing down just a notch or two.

Have lost touch with many "old friends from school" but would love to get back together.
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Nina Ludwig (Skavenski)
Retired teacher Widowed 2 yes
After high schooI I attended the University of Md., graduating in 1968.
1968-72 I taught two years at Julius West Jr. High and two years at the newly opened Wootton Sr. High school in Rockville, Md.
1972 left family and friends in Md. and moved to Bedford, Mass., with my husband Alex, who had accepted a job as Professor of Pyschology at Northeastern University in Boston.
I taught school and coached in Waltham, Ma. for 32 years.

I am now retired and totally enjoying my two children Matt and Stephanie, their
spouses and my wonderful grandkids, two in Carlisle Ma., and twins in Zambia, Africa.
Over the years I have enjoyed traveling around the U.S. and Europe and recently in Africa..(which I highly recommend).
I also enjoy spending time at my lake house in southern Maine, camping, kayaking, snowshoeing ....with family and friends.

I visit my sister and her family in Gaithersburg at least twice a year.


I would like to Thank all who have spent so much time in organizing this reunion.  It is truly appreciated!
My first and I am looking so forward to being there
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Susan Mahana (Hanback)
retired Married yes
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Daniel Maltz
anthropologist Widowed yes
My life did not go as expected and has been characterized instead by some fairly intense ups and downs.  Most important have been the premature death of Ruth Borker, my wife and intellectual partner, in 1989 and having to file an expensive lawsuit against my mother’s retirement community in 2007.  Because some classmates object to my expressing opinions about the lawsuit on this webpage, my bio is available only by personal request. Send Daniel a MessageSend Daniel a Message
Stephen Mangis
retired from CIA Married 3 yes
Graduated college with a BS in Physics, then worked on research ships for several years.  Did a masters in Colorado, studied a bit in Austria, then joined CIA and had a career in the DC area and overseas.  Married with children.  Retired for several years now, living in Northern Virginia.  I would love to hear from any former classmates. Send Stephen a MessageSend Stephen a Message
Gail Manion (Zeman)
School Business Consultant Married 2 yes
After  graduating from Northwestern University in journalism, I met a just-returned Marine Corps Vietnam vet.  We married, had two sons and moved to Rockport where my writing background led me into school business administration.  My husband has battled MS for decades, so our adventure travel of years before is limited.  We have four grandkids who, with their parents have moved all over the country, so we travel to see them.  I still write a lot, mostly for work and family/friend connections.  Couldn't have imagined the avenues the Internet would open for us, back in high school days.  Probably won't make the reunion, but would love to hear from you. Send Gail a MessageSend Gail a Message
Wayne Martin
Profile picture
Data Scientist Married 3 yes
I graduated from the Univ of Maryland in mathematics and worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center during the Apollo years. I got my pilot's license and flew down to Cape Kennedy to watch the Apollo 11 liftoff. I then moved to NYC, got married and had 3 kids. While living on Long Island I earned 3 Master's degrees: math, biology, medical biology. I was working on Wall Street on 9/11. Recently I moved back to Bethesda to look after my parents. Now I'm working as a software consultant in Bethesda. Send Wayne a MessageSend Wayne a Message
Cindy Mattson
Profile picture
Profile picture
retired attorney/independent historian Married 4 yes
Looking forward to the reunion in May! Graduated from Michigan State, got married, 2 girls, law degree, got married again, 1 girl and a stepson. Worked for 28 years as a trial lawyer for the IRS. Retired. Hiked Kilimanjaro. Did disaster relief for the Red Cross. Wrote a book, working on the second. Grandchild #8 on the way. Life has been good. Miss those who didn't make it this far.  Send Cindy a MessageSend Cindy a Message
Chuck (Charles) Maurer
Profile picture
Clinical Psychologist Married 1 yes
I am looking forward to renewing and reconnecting in May.  After Whitman I graduated from Kenyon College, went to Kent State for my masters and doctorate and then into the Air Force for a 4 year commitment. Carol and I moved to Seattle in '76, sight unseen, and have never regretted the move other than being so far from Bethesda. I have enjoyed alpine climbing and skiing and am tapering down my practice as a clinical psychologist and looking forward to travel, writing and being with friends and family.  I have enjoyed fully the process of revisiting Whitman friendships and look forward to our time together in May. Send Chuck (Charles) a MessageSend Chuck (Charles) a Message
James May
Business consultant Married yes
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Tina McAdams
Teacher, Sp. Ed and Music Single yes
BA in Anthropology and Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1968.  M.Ed. in Special Education, GWU, WDC, 1974.  Lived and worked in all quadrants of WDC from 1968 until 1983.  Lived in Arlington, VA, from 1984 until 2002.  Have lived in Chantilly since 2002.  Have always had children in my life, but am not a mother.  Committed to helping to keep the planet alive via recycling, etc.  Enjoy helping stray cats and meeting with support groups in my community.  Love my hometown, WDC, and, in general, the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Send Tina a MessageSend Tina a Message
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