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Joyce Jessup (Owens)
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Retired librarian Divorced 2 yes
Retired in 2009 and moved to coastal North Carolina for the sunshine and ocean.  Both children are in Northern Virginia, so I visit frequently.   Now hoping to explore the US of A that is not the DC metro area! 
Looking forward to the May event -- thanks to those who have made it possible.
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Carol Johnson (Fricke)
retired Widowed 1
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Christine Johnson
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Denver cab driver for 40 years Single 1 yes
Alas I will miss the reunion due to a recent hip replacement.  Hope it is great fun... Send Christine a MessageSend Christine a Message
Roberta (Robbie) Johnson (Ludwig)
Retired Married 4 yes
When I look back over the past 50 years I have to say there have been many more ups than downs.  All things considerred I feel like I have had a pretty good life.  I graduated from Towson and got my Masters from Loyola.  I taught special ed in Baltimore County for a few years before moving back to Montgomery County where I met my husband of 38 years.  Together we have four sons and seven grandchildren.  I have had a myriad of jobs and still work part-time, which I enjoy.  It's better than cleaning the house!  I have always enjoyed knitting, and since I have more time now, I have taken it up again with abandon.  I look forward to renewing my acquaintences with my fellow 1964 graduates.  I am sure you will recognize me as I still have my bright red hair, and I am happy to say I have passed these genes along to two of my granddaughters. Send Roberta (Robbie) a MessageSend Roberta (Robbie) a Message
Shirley Johnson (Henderson Colee)
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Psychotherapist and Healthcare Administrator Married 2 yes
I'll be in Potomac the week prior for my oldest grandchild's Bat Mitzvah, staying at Congressional Country Club.  My daughter's family lives in the District of Columbia and runs a chain of Montessori schools in the District and the Maryland suburbs. 
I've lived in Palm Beach County, Florida since graduating from college, lured by my golf playing, retired parents. I raised two children, did volunteer work and enjoyed the ambiance of my husband's community banking career.  Later, I earned two master's degrees from Florida Atlantic University: History and Mental Health Counseling.   I've been in charge of healthcare programs in nearly all aspects of the field, hospital care, managed care, private practice, substance abuse residential treatment, employee assistance, and community mental health for children.  It was a lot of fun and very rewarding.
My first husband of forty-two years, Joe, passed away eight years ago of leukemia.  My current husband, Donn, is a native Floridian, but his career included Board of Directors of MM (Fox) which took him to Washington D.C. at one point, where he was Vice President and General Manager of Channel Five TV (Fox), and lived in Kenwood.  Our Florida home has lots of books, a big yard, a cute dog and glorious weather most of the time.  I did not inherit my parents' golf addiction, but I do enjoy yoga and tennis.

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Susan Johnson
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Retired yes
Retired and living in Denver.  Life is good.
Graduated from Michigan State and worked in the Bell System (C&P, Mountain Bell and US West) in softare development (Programmer, Business Analyst, System Adminstration, Manager, etc.).
Am enjoying my creative side (art, wearable art, sculpture, etc.) and tennis (when my body behaves).
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Marshall Jones
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Wildlife Biologist Married 1 yes
After graduating from Whitman, I  received a BS in Zoology from the University of Michigan, then dealt with a different kind of BS in the Army for two years, after which I went to graduate school in Kentucky and then at Cornell. I worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 34 years, then retired and went to the Smithsonian where I'm a senior advisor on endangered species conservation at the Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia.  My wife and I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains with many black bears as our neighbors. Send Marshall a MessageSend Marshall a Message
John Jopling
HR Specialist Labor relations and training specialist Married 1 yes
Currently still working and writing. Have not retired for I have fun working training older workers new job skills. The Boston Area was my home for most of my life, where I had my HR Consulting business. Also my second career on weekends was flying charters and worked as a safety pilot. I gained just over 10,000 enjoyable hours of fight. Moved back to Maryland for My Snow Blower finally gave up. We live on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay here on the Eastern Shore. It is a great place to write short stories and practice Yoga. My wife and I have published two children's books: "John the Airport Kid' and "TR The Tundra Swan's Amazing Journey." They are on Amazon. My wife is an artist plus editor for both. Since I cannot drive at night I might not be able to make it to the celebration but my memories and thoughts will be there.


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Dorothy (Dot) Jordan (Rayburn)
Retired U.S. Department of State. Currently part-time international development consultant. Married 2 yes
Thanks to our WWHS commencement speakers, Sarge Shriver and the three newly returned PCVs he brought with him to share their experiences, I joined the Peace Corps right after college and subsequently embarked on an international development focused career.
Variations on that theme included several years on Capitol Hill and a short stint teaching English at WWHS.  Primarily though, in addition to Peace Corps Volunteer and staff positions,  I worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department, retiring just last year.   Along the way, came mid-career law school and two great kids, John Jr. age 31 and Chrystine age 26, both educators.
Now, hubby John Sr., and I are enjoying retirement activities, including back-yard birding, biking, gardening (me), spending time at Bethany Beach and continuing to learn.  
Am looking forward to catching up with everyone!
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Kathy Joy (Stock)
Retired Married 2 yes
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Marcia Karadbil (Inasi)
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Retired Computer Software Engineer Married 1 yes
After Whitman, I was a biology major at U Penn, and worked in Neuroscience research until 1982. I was up to a dissertation proposal in graduate school in NY when many things changed.  My daughter Sasha entered the scene; I got divorced from my first husband, and moved back to Bethesda to get a Master’s in Computer Science at American.  Loved my second career, which ended in retirement about 5 months ago.  About the age that finding a spouse is as common as getting struck by lightning, the perfect one appeared and we have been married for 12 years.  We are enjoying 2 grandchildren (Jim’s son’s).  Being Mimi is wonderful. Sasha is now a Family and Marriage therapist in San Francisco, and is a delight.  I sing in the Washington Hebrew choir, and am spending a lot of time organizing and donating multiple generations of accumulated family possessions.  Jim and I are doing a lot of traveling, a long time passion that there is finally enough time to indulge.
I’m so sorry that I will miss everyone at the reunion, and am delighted that there will be a Reunion book.
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Joost Keesing
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Married 2 no
Retired as the HR Mgr, for AccuWeather in State College, PA. Now live in Central Florida, just 20 minutes from Disney World. Married 44 years, 2 married children and 4 grandchildren.
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Bob Keiter
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Law Professor Married 2 yes
From Glen Echo/Whitman to Emigration Canyon, Utah, it's been a winding journey with stops in St. Louis, Chicago, West Virginia, Idaho, California, Wyoming, and Utah, with shorter stints in Boston, Nepal, and London. I've ended up as a law prof at the Univ of Utah with a focus on natural resources and constitutional law. Along the way: my wife Linda (librarian) from New Orleans; two step sons; four grandchildren; a Nepali god-family; several books; various non-profit boards; and many miles on mountain trails. Looking forward to catching up. Send Bob a MessageSend Bob a Message
Carolyn Kennedy
Retred, Girl Scout Executive Single yes
Graduated from Univ of Maryland and received MS from University of Michigan.  Degrees in biology, education and environmental conservation.  Now retired from career working for Girl Scouts of the USA.  Settled on Cape Cod and doing lots of volunteer work with town government and local non-profits.  Love to travel and scuba dive in warm waters.  Just back from a safari in Tanzania.  Loved it! Send Carolyn a MessageSend Carolyn a Message
Mary-Helen Kesecker (McGrath)
retired Married 2 yes
After retiring from Fairfax, VA public schools, I continued to substitute teach and volunteer through our church.  In August, 2014 we moved to New Hampshire to be nearer to our daughter and family, skiing, and our family cottage on a Lake in Casco, Maine.  My husband and I love New England!  We enjoy traveling, skiing, gardening and sharing Jesus' love through volunteering.
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Steven Kessel
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administrative law judge Married
My wife, Louisa and I retired to Tucson, Arizona, a few years ago.  Then, I unretired and I'm back to full time work.  But, I still have plenty of free time to walk in the desert and to take photographs, my true passion. Send Steven a MessageSend Steven a Message
Richard Klein
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Physician Married 3 no
Looking forward to meeting people and getting back in touch! Stay healthy!

Contact me at home at 412-421-8665 if you want to catch up. I'm not great with computers. My son is doing this for me.
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Robert Koehler
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Retired Financial Executive Married 2 yes
I married my high school sweetheart, Nancy Jobe (BCC), in 1968 one week after graduating from the U of MD.  After spending two glorious years with the US Army, I graduated from the Harvard Business School in 1972 and embarked upon a career in corporate finance.  I spent five years with the Marriott Corp and then 25 years with the Hanes Corp in Winston-Salem, NC where Nancy and I raised our two sons.  We moved to the Atlanta area in 2004 to be near our two married sons and our four wonderful grandchildren.   Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
George Korengold
Physician (Pediatrics) Married 2 yes
After college at Penn, I came back to the DC area for GW Medical School, met and married Bobbie half-way through that, then residency at Children's Hospital, then practice. Except for Penn, I've been here the whole time! Really looking forward to catching up with everyone at our Reunion!
PS: Bobbie's also a Whitman grad.
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Sharlene Kranz
retired attorney Widowed 1 yes
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