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Edward Whitmore
retired navy diver Committed Relationship 2 yes
Retired 1995 Moved to Idaho until 2001 Moved back to WV Moved to Cocoa Beach FL 2009 Moved to ST. CROIX VI where I live now Met Debbie 4 years ago(soul mate) Lived on boat in FL Now in condo overlooking Christiansted harbor Great weather and view of ocean! I have 1 grandchild in San Diego(3) Loving life!!! Traveling and feeding birds. Miss all of my Potomac childhood friends A lot of good memories Dad passed in 1987 Mom passed in 2008 Best to all!!!! Send Edward a MessageSend Edward a Message
Nora Lee Williams (Byers)
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Registered Nurse Married 2 yes
After graduation I became a Travel Agent. In 1968 I married, Phillip Byers, and we have been married for over 46yrs.  We lived in Montgomery Village, Md. until 1975 when we moved to the small town of Rural Retreat, VA. Our first child, Stacie, was born while 
still in  Maryland.                                                                                                                       
As a travel agent I was able to visit many places some of which included Puerto Rico,
Paris, Ireland, and Hawaii.
Our second child, Jocinda, was born a year later.  I joined the Rural Retreat Vol. Emergency  Service  in 1977, eventually becoming Captain of the Squad.
I was Capt for 15yrs all total. (not consecutive). I finally decided what I wanted to be
when I grew up!  I became a Registered Nurse.  Worked primarily emergency room
but have worked all areas including homehealth.
In 2010 I left the hospital as an RN , but at my age am still running EMS.
I have four fantastic grandchildren.
My life has been full and eventful over the years and I hope to have many more.
At this time I'm not sure if I will be able to attend the reunion but never the less hope
I hear from all of you.
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Janis (Jan) Wilson (Donaldson)
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Writing Consultant Married 1 no
Classmates, I read your impressive bios: Wow!

Once I graduated from U of MD, I swore this ended school for me. Somehow, I landed a M.Ed. and M.F.A. (creative writing)) anyway. Currently, I am a Writing Consultant for Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC.

I have lived in some interesting places, to include Jerusalem, Israel; Damascus, Syria; Key West; Chicago; Ft. Bragg. My son, an Army major, serves at Ft. Bragg, NC. Five years ago, I married the amazing Don Boula, retired Navy.

Thank you, intrepid organizers, for putting together this reunion.
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Walter Wolfe
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Retired Married 2 no
After graduation I went with my parents to their retirement farm in Frederick, County, MD.  (as the youngest of eight children I was still living with my parents) and while learning agricultural skills, attended Hagerstown Junior College (HJC). After graduating from HJC, I transferred to Towson State College where I received my BS degree and where I met my wife of nearly 48 years.
Drafted immediately after completing my college studies, I completed OCS at Fort Belvoir VA. and was assigned to Fort Eustace, VA for 14-months. After a brief stint in Vietnam in 1971, I was discharged and began my career in public service, first, three years with the State of Maryland followed by 28 years with the Montgomery County Government; the final seven years as Director of the Montgomery County Youth Conservation Corps.
Retired since 2001, I take pleasure in my family, especially two grandchildren, and my two older surviving siblings and scores of nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. I also enjoy several ministries at St. Paul’s Catholic Community in Damascus, MD. as well as working on family genealogy with my oldest niece (I have given my Google powered website address above.) Also, reading and collecting books over the past two decades keeps my brain in shape – most of the time. Finally, maintaining 14 ½ acres keeps me busy too. 
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Carolyn Wool (Reiss)
technical writer (retired) Married 2 yes
I hope to be able to make it. I see so many familiar names, and I look forward to seeing you all. 

My husband Bob, who has pancreatic cancer, and I have planned a "bucket list" trip for the following week (May 4 departure). If he is able to travel, I will try to attend the first day of the reunion. If he is unable to travel, but well enough to leave at home, I will come for the weekend. 

Regards, Carolyn
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Archie Wright
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Real estate and corporate attorney Married 2 yes
My wife Alice and I are proud of our 2 daughters who will attend business school in Fall 2015. Send Archie a MessageSend Archie a Message
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