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Bernd Sonnbichler
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retired Divorced 2 yes
After WW-HS I went to get the Diploma and PhD at the university of business administration in Vienna to be followed by one year of postgraduate at the Johns Hopkins Bologna Center in Italy.
After 2 years with a bank in Vienna I got married at the age of 30 to a Thai lady.
As an advisor for rural cooperatives and agricultural credit I worked for 12 years in Burundi, Cameroun and Thailand where also my 2 daughters Natalie, 38, and Malindi, 35, were born.
After 2 atrocious malaria attacks in Cameroun I had to leave and spent most of the rest of my professional life as financial director of the Austrian branch of the French cosmetic company L`Oréal.
38 years of marriage finally turned sour and I had a bitter and long divorce with lawyers at the court for 13 months.
So 3 years ago  I moved from Vienna to a small town in Styria - Steiermark, where I can ski (both alpine and nordic ) in the winter and hike in the summer.  There is also a small and exellent brewery here.
Looking forward very much to seeing some / many of you.
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Pattie South (Nitschke)
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retired Married 1 yes
I retired from a career in the legal field (legal assistant). I now run a 501c(3) non-profit rescue for Brittany (spaniels). I'm working harder than ever saving these wonderful dogs. Send Pattie a MessageSend Pattie a Message
Elliot Spurway
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Retired Mfg. Engnr. Married 2 yes
After graduation and intense year at academy prep school, screwed out of Naval Academy Apt. So earned BA in English at Wabash College in IN (discharged from USNR as not healthy enough to die in VN; moved to LA, CA for BS in Indus. Design; started career in Berkely, CA; then, back to IN to a plastics design eng. career; been here ever since.  Earned MBA along the way and reinvented career several times; thanks to NAFTA, retirement only alternative at 60. Purdue wouldn't hire me; my Masters-deg. not in core subject. Married at 21, two daughters, divorced at 32, remarried at 34 and lived happily ever after in my rebuilt century old house accross street from Wabash where my wife was in Devlop't. Took up WW Kayaking at 50; progressed to building FW Kayak, and now finishing a mahogany sailboat from scratch, to sail from back yard slip. Picture is for inspiration. Life is good, but I work too hard and the old bod is groaning.  WWHS Counselor said I wasn't college material...LOL.  Looking forward to seeing classmates after missing last Reunion. Send Elliot a MessageSend Elliot a Message
Susan Stovall (Longyear)
Innkeeper Married 2
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Kristina Suydam (Collins)
Retired Married 2 I give my permission to print this information in the Reunion Book
When my parents and I moved back to the states in 1958 from Germany, I hoped we would be settled in one spot and I could stop switching schools. North Bethesda Junior High went fine, but then came high school. I started, as did many of our classmates, at Walter Johnson. But then as luck would have it I got moved again to Walt Whitman. Moving into a brand new school and being the first graduating class was a great experience. After graduation I, went to the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in Interior Design. I worked in DC for a year then married husband Harold (also a grad of U of M and mechanical engineer) in 1970 and moved to Chicago. I continued in Design work there. Moved to CT in 1973 and lived there for 40 years moving three more times and raising two daughters (who now each have a daughter of their own). We retired to Bethlehem Pa in 2013 with my 14th and hopefully final move. We love to travel and do as much as we can, both here and abroad.
Wish we could have made the reunion, but my husband is getting over an accident.
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Dana Swisher (Lupton)
retired Married 4 no
Married to Roger Lupton for twenty eight years (second marriage), four children and six grandchildren.  Lived in Cabin John until two years ago and moved to Gore, Virginia to be nearer to family.  Enjoying retirement and this beautiful country.
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James Robert "Bob" Tate
Self Employed Married yes
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Jill Teague (Cochran)
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Retired Divorced 1 yes
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Bruce Tift
Psychotherapist Married 3 yes
My best wishes to you all.  So many memories from those 2 years at Whitman.  After graduating from Swarthmore, I saved up some money and traveled by motorcycle for 2 years around Europe, North Africa, then overland to India and Nepal.  I felt very impacted by the Tibetan refugees I met there, met a remarkable teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, when I returned (at the River Road Unitarian Church!), and have continued my Buddhist practice ever since.  My psychotherapy work is based on a Vajrayana Buddhist understanding of mind.  (My first, and probably last, book will be published June 1:  Already Free: Buddhism Meets Psychotherapy on the Path of Liberation)  My wife, Reva, and I met while in the Masters program at Naropa, in Boulder, and have been married since 1979.  We have twin daughters, almost 21, and I have a daughter who's 42.  I taught at Naropa for 25 years and have been in private practice more than 35 years.  I really love my work__ luckily, as it'll be a while before we can retire.  Life's so mysterious and precious.  Thank you all for sharing those Whitman years. 
John Trezise
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Retired Widowed 2 yes
After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School, I spent 35 years at the Department of the Interior, first as an attorney and later is a series of administrative positions, including Director of Construction Management and, for 8 years, Director of Budget.   I retired in 2007, but soon signed on as an intermittent contractor for the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations.  I retired for real about a year ago.
Having spent a lifetime in the Washington area, I’m now in Richmond, Virginia, where my daughter and her family live.  As tempting as the reunion is, it’s trumped by a prior commitment to go to Disney World with my 4-year old grandson.
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Carolyn Uebele (Barber)
Semi Retired Divorced 2 yes
I married my classmate and high-school sweetheart Gary Bacon in June 1965.  We moved to California and had two great children, Kimberly and Christopher.  After 8 1/2 years of marriage Gary passed away suddenly and I wound up moving to Arizona to be near his family.  I have remained a desert rat these 41 years!  In June 1997 Christopher passed away.  Kimberly and her husband live about 10 minutes from me and blessed me with 3 super grand kids!  I was married to Roger Barber for 19 years and sadly divorced 8 years ago.  I enjoy being with friends, the outdoors (when it's cool enough to be out), and scrapbooking.  I was an executive assistant for large pharmaceutical company for many years  and am now semi-retired.  Greetings to the Class of 1964 and have GREAT reunion.  Sorry I won't be able to attend.  Send Carolyn a MessageSend Carolyn a Message
Jane Vettori (Snyder)
retired librarian Married 2
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Margaret Vicinus (Brown)
retired social worker Widowed 2 yes
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Holly Vincent (Bean)
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Minister (retired) Married 2 yes
Greetings to all classmates.  I am sorry I'll have to miss this reunion but I'm very glad it is happening.  Perhaps we can try it again for our 55th.
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Dorte Vinten-Johansen
Retired teacher Married 2 yes
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Priscilla Walker (Shows)
Clinical Social Worker - Retired Married 4 yes
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Rebecca Warner (Evans)
Retired Teacher Married 3 yes
Many thanks to the reunion organizers!  After graduating from high school I went to college at Wittenberg University in Ohio where I met my husband of 45 years. We lived in Tucson, Arizona, Delaware, Ohio and Austin, Texas before settling in Madison, WI. where we have now lived for 36 years. We have 3 children & 8 grandsons. I retired from teaching ( elementary & pre-K ) 3 years ago. Life is busy & good.  Send Rebecca a MessageSend Rebecca a Message
Lloyd Weinberg
Music teacher and Jazz musician Married 2 yes

Musician, US Navy, 1964-1967, Bachelor's in Music Education, U of Maryland.    
Masters in Music Education, 1975, U. of Md.
Director of Bands, Taney Jr. High 1971-1979
Woodwind Instructor, Western Md. College, 1979-1985
Music teacher, UNC-Asheville 1985-2014
Retired, May, 2014
wife, Karen   (AKA Karen Grotberg, Whitman class of 1968) Family Nurse Practioner
son, Ben, 39, Radiation Oncologist, grandson, Noah, 14, All-State Jazz guitarist
son, Joe, PHD in Political Science and International Studies, Professor at Southern Mississippi University, grandson Jack, 13 months, drummer
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Dick Weisiger
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Profile picture
Professor Married 3 yes
Janie and I moved from Bethesda, where I had been working at the NIH, to San Francisco in 1978 so I could complete my training in Gastroenterology. We have lived in the same house for 34 years now and love it here. I retired from teaching at UCSF in 2014 and am now an Emeritus Professor. We garden year-round and drive an electric car powered by solar panels on our roof (yes, we're that kind of Californians). We have children and grandchildren scattered around the country which keep us in motion. Thank goodness for Skype. We are both on the Board of a large choral society that his both its Spring concerts the weekend of the WW reunion, so will have to wait until the 75th (or 76th?) to see you all. Send Dick a MessageSend Dick a Message
Ellen Weisz (Bleeker)
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retired teacher Married 2 yes
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