Join classmates '64 and '65 in this effort.
TOGETHER we have raised $17000+ to start this fund.

Walt Whitman is not just a school building.  It is an active community center for a great variety of educational and recreational activities.  The citizens of this area take great pride in their senior high school and the fine reputation it has gained in its first three years.
-Walt Whitman Evaluation Report 1965

Under the leadership of our principal, Dr. Daryl Shaw, the Classes of 1964 and 1965 understood well the reputation and traditions of our high school would be set by the successes and efforts of students in the first three years.

NOW we have the opportunity to establish one more very meaningful tradition.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation, we can "pay it forward".  Help us make this significant.

This fund is a lasting memorial in honor of our principal, Daryl Shaw, who always encouraged us to be better in all things than we believed we could be for ourselves, our school and our community.  The intention is to provide meaningful support and encouragement to individual students who have shown effort, promise and intention in achieving their goals, in spite of difficult life experiences and circumstances.


Although financial need is certainly a consideration for support,  there are students whose future education and training, self esteem and future successes would benefit from such recognition of effort made and need for support. Such assistance could include costs of tests, tutoring, equipment, travel to competitions, application fees or  college  visitation. Special consideration too for special education students, students with physical disabilities, and students suffering loss or other trauma
broaden the scope of this fund beyond just financial need.

In addition, at the request of Dr. Alan Goodwin, current principal, two benches have been purchased for WWHS to recognize and commemorate the first 50th reunion of the
first two graduating classes, 1964 and 1965,
 May  2015.

Remember the last 50 years and what we have accomplished
began in June 1964.

Your generous donation is deductible for taxes, given for educational purposes.
It is hoped that, to perpetuate the fund, each subsequent class celebrating their 50th Reunion will be notified of the opportunity to make a contribution as a class gift to this established fund. Record of these gifts will be made a part of the history of the school.
Donations should be made by check, payable to
Walt Whitman HS, Bethesda MD, designated to the
Daryl W. Shaw Student Enrichment Fund.
Identify your class year on the check please. 
Mail checks to
Mrs. Janet Bowker Miller, 7613 Quintana Court, Bethesda MD 20817, for recording and delivery
to the school.