Bob Arrotta, WWHS Class of '65, decorated hero and friend, calling in airstrikes in Southeast Asia
Bob Arrotta, WWHS Class of '65, decorated hero and friend, calling in airstrikes in Southeast Asia
These years of challenge were truly our formative years,
and impacted who we have become.

We didn't all agree with foreign policy and social decisions made by our government, but
we are grateful for the sacrifices made by those who served.
We want to honor our veteran classmates.

If you are a veteran, please provide your name and a brief description of your service.


  Archie Wright
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
After graduating from Duke in 1968, I served as Officer of the Deck Underway and gunnery, fire control and nuclear weapons officer aboard amphibious ships homeported in Norfolk, VA, for 3 years.  In August 1971, after our ship USS Inchon passed its Nuclear Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection on its first try -- a significant accomplishment since less than half the nuclear capable ships ever did so -- I  got one of Nixon's "early outs" to attend  and graduate from Cornelll Law School.  Luckily, I never saw duty in Vietnam.
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  james (jim) May
Monday, April 20, 2015
I enlisted in the Corps in 1966 and following boot camp at Paris Island was selected for the enlisted comissioning program. As a new and very green 2nd Lt. I was sent to RVN in September of 1968 and became a platoon leader with 3rd Bn. 1st Marines. I remained with 3/1 until May of 1970 having spent the last six months as CO of Lima company. I then went to NAS Alameda CA as a Captain in the Marine Barracks where I stayed until my  service ended in 1971.  Throughout, I was privileged to serve with an extraordinary group of Marines.  I would not trade the experience for anything.  Semper Fi to all my fellow Marines and "thanks for your service" to all who served! 
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  Craig Rovelstad
Thursday, April 16, 2015
I served in the Marine Corps from 1966 to 1970. Stationed at Camp Pendleton CA 66-67 where I learned to surf. Then to Saigon, Vietnam 67-69 and Manila, Phillippines 69-70 as a Marine Security Guard at the American embassies. Except for rather poor timing (Tet), the highlight of my service was duty as part of the personal security unit for Ambassador Bunker while in Saigon. Overall, my military service was an incredible series of experiences. Returned to school at the University of Maryland where I met my wife and embarked on a career in urban planning (after a brief stint as a carpenter's apprentice). Happily married 43 years with one terrific daughter. Retired in 2010 to spend more time with Sheila and my spoiled Labrador retriever, Bear.
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  Bill Freedman
Monday, April 13, 2015
I was drafted shortly after starting law school in the fall of 1968, and ended up serving with the U.S. Army's 5th Infantry Division Band as a clarinetist and company clerk until the fall of 1970.
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  Duncan Merritt
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
After graduating from Virginia Tech served in the Air Force from 1969-74. Wichita Falls (69-71), then Thailand (71-72) trying to keep corruption in the PX and AF clubs to a dull roar, then the same job for all of the Pacific, based in Hawaii (72-74).  Vietnam winding down, I was allowed to exit.
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  John Finch
Friday, March 27, 2015
I served in the Army (1964-1967) in Germany (1965) as a mechanic/crew chief/door gunner in Vietnam (1966-1967).
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  Brad Creer
Saturday, March 14, 2015
I served in the US Air Force from 1967 through 1971.  I was a flightline crew chief on both F-100 and F-105 jet aircrafts.
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  Walter Wolfe
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
I served in the Army for 2 ½ years to include completing Officer Candidate School at Fort Belvoir, VA., then stationed for 14 months at Fort Eustace, VA., and spent almost five months in Vietnam in 1971 during the troop withdrawal period.
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  Bill Liston
Friday, January 2, 2015
After college, I went into the Air Force, was commissioned, went to flight school and was trained to fly F-4 fighters. I was deployed with my squadron to Southeast Asia and spent a year flying combat missions in both North and South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. For six months we flew 5 times a week to Hanoi, and when not doing that I was a fast forward air controller, putting in strike missions (mostly in the North).  After the war, I spent most of my 20 years stationed with my family in Europe. After the Air Force career, I worked as a financial advisor, and later did IT support to a medical billing company.
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  Jon Lankford
Tuesday, December 30, 2014
I was drafted following college in 1969, and enlisted in the Officer Candidate School program.  The army subsequently offered my class an option-out and I served the remainder of my active duty at Ft. Lewis, WA in the Third Armored Cavalry.  I was very fortunate to have spent my active service stateside and have great respect for those who served and continue to serve in our armed services.
  Jim Benson
Tuesday, December 16, 2014
I was commissioned in the Marine Corps in 1968.  After training as a tank officer, I had tours in Vietnam, Japan, Virginia, Kentucky, California, Philippines, DC and NC. My last tour as a tank officer was battalion commander.  Spent a year in Australia attending the Aussie War College, then to Hawaii with the Pacific Fleet.  Finally made Colonel.  Then to the Middle East during the Iran-Iraq War.  Back to DC as war planner for Desert Storm.  Then headed the Marines guarding US embassies around the world.  Visited 82 countries during that tour.  Finally out to Hawaii for policy work with the Marine HQs for the Pacific and Middle East.   Great people and great experiences.   I wouldn't change a thing!  
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  John "Jack" McGruder
Monday, December 15, 2014
My military claim to notoriety is that I was drafted twice, did not answer either call, yet served 3.5 years on active duty and 30 overall.  After graduating college, I enlisted for OCS, subsequently graduating from Ft. Belvoir’s engineer school as a Military Intelligence Officer.  There may be no greater oxymoron.  I was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, where our son was born.  Out of misplaced guilt, I volunteered for the Infantry and Vietnam; but was told the Army had too much invested in me and there was a backlog of intelligence officers vying for Vietnam, presumably careerists knowing it was a ticket that needed to be punched.  The powers that be relented and sent me to the Vietnam Theater, thereby perpetuating the stigma of being rear echelon.  Nevertheless, I loved my job.  I commanded two intelligence sites in Thailand, near the Cambodia and Laotian border, where the Air Force base commander didn’t have clearance to enter our compound!  It was the Pueblo all over again, except the only captures were my troops by the Air Police.  We counted planes going out and coming back during the massive bombing runs of 1972.   As with my civilian career, I was fortunate to have great jobs.  General’s Aide; psychological warfare and Cuba; Inspector General and the last 10 years as Commander of small intelligence detachments assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency.  All good stuff that makes it even more difficult to bear the pain of what’s currently going on in our intelligence community.  Peace be with you!
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  Louis Eugene Nefflen
Sunday, December 7, 2014
In 64 the night of graduation I went to Great lakes for boot camp. In 68 got out and then transfered to the reserves. Never saw combat during this time. In 80 went to Air guard and saw the world. Retired from the Air Force in 1996.  My hat goes off to the ones that went to Vietnam and the ones that did the grunt work in the back ground. Keeping in mind that all who serve can be called to combat at any time but still serve and are proud of it. And the brave ones that are serving now in an all voluntary force.
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  Jay Munnikhuysen
Monday, December 1, 2014
I was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. after graduating from The Citadel in 1968.  My first duty station was with the US Army Corps of Engineers District in Honolulu, Hawaii where I spent two years as a young project manager overseeing civil works projects and enjoying the Hawiian life style.  Shortly after being promoted to captain I was transferred to Vietnam to command Company C of the 577th Engineer Battalion located in the central highlands.  My company was stationed in a remote operating base with the mission of building roadway and bridges for one of the main north-south transportation arteries in the country.  We saw sporadic enemy action during my twelve month tour. 
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  David Lee
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
I was a platoon leader in the 5th batallion, 66th armor regiment.  I graduated first in my OCS class, but did not go to Viet Nam.  I was actually on my way but the plane turned around over the pacific -- They found out we were armor and they wanted infantry.
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  Ronald Cox SR.
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
After graduation, I was employeed by the C&P Telephone Co., and enlisted in the U.S. Navy in '65 and served as leading damage control person on a Naval ship in Danang & Chulai. Upon discharge, I returned to the phone company for a short time and went with Montgomery County Police Dept. in '69 . I served in numerous capacities from patrol, traffic, communications, and retired after 26 years from Special Investigations unit as liason officer with numerous departments in the Metro area. Enjoyed every minute of that time.
Currently reside in Frederick, MD., two grown children and four grandchildren, and as a few others, single.
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  Paul B. Phelps
Monday, October 27, 2014
I served for three years, 1966-1969, including 12 months in Vietnam as an artillery spotter with the 1st Cavalry Division.
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  Bob Miller
Saturday, October 18, 2014
I was drafted and served in the U.S. Army from January 1966 to January 1968.  I was in Vietnam in 1966-1967 as an Intelligence Analyst and Interrogator.  I was fortunate to have never been in combat and had it relatively easy there.  It was still difficult being away from friends and family for a year, but it was an experience I am now glad that I had.
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  Chuck Maurer
Saturday, October 11, 2014
I was a Captain and served four years in the USAF as a clinical psychologist from 1972 - 1976 at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, TX and USAF Medical Center, Wiesbaden, West Germany.  Unlike our classmates who saw combat this was plush duty but an incredible learning experience.  As I head toward retirement my hope is to volunteer for returning vets from Afgan and Iraq; hopefully not Syria.
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